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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

An Insanely Good College Football Weekend...

Normally my attention would not be focused on college football this early in the week, well, except for the pending Tennessee game, but, after looking at the schedule, this is a weekend made for the college football faithful. Just take a look at some of the scheduled matchups on Saturday:

3:30pm - #11 Michigan at #2 Notre Dame - NBC
3:30pm - #6 LSU at #3 Auburn - CBS
3:30pm - #17 Miami at #12 Louisville - ABC
3:30pm - #15 Oklahoma at #18 Oregon - ABC

5:30pm - #24 Texas Tech at #20 TCU - CSTV

8:00pm - #19 Nebraska at #4 USC - ABC
8:00pm - #7 Florida at #13 Tennessee - CBS

So much football and so few TV's! I will personally be at the Tennessee/Florida contest with the VolCon, the VolConWife, and Mom. This should be a hard fought game with a close score going into the 4th quarter. I am picking Tennessee, not just with my heart, but under the assumption that Tennessee plays its best football when backed into a corner and the close call against Air Force should add some fuel to an already tense rivalry game.

As for the other games, I think LSU/Auburn should be interesting early, though I expect Auburn to be much more aggressive and pull away late. Notre Dame/Michigan is another story. Michigan has looked interesting this year and could prove a tough challenge for Notre Dame at home. I am picking Michigan in the big upset of the day. Miami/Louisville has lost some of its luster with the loss of Louisville's running attack and Miami's loss to FSU. I predict Miami wins by 10. Oklahoma at Oregon is another interesting game, but not for the matchup or ranking. I think the Ducks have been sorely overlooked and expect them to make a huge statement in this game. Watch for Oregon to pull away early if they can keep Peterson under wraps.

I just cannot get excited about the 5:30pm game between TCU and Texas Tech. As I type I am flipping a coin. Looks like my nod goes to TCU.

Finally, Nebraska and USC should make for entertaining football early. I think the Huskers will fight hard through the middle of the third before USC takes control and wins by 17.

Granted, I am probably wrong in 60% of these calls, but it doesn't matter. It is a great weekend for college football, so turn on your TV's, watch me be proven wrong, and enjoy.


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