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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Quick Catch-up Post...

Several things have been occupying my time over the past few days, preventing me from taking the time to post. Let me take a few moments and share a few thoughts about my Labor Day weekend:

- The Undecided Philosopher is moving. The process of selling my house, encompassing all the work, both paper and physical, has taken its toll on me physically and mentally. I spent the better part of the weekend cleaning, organizing, packing, and rearranging every nook and cranny of my home. When I wasn't filling trash bags with four years of collected junk, I was filtering through paperwork looking for mortgage information and utility costs (the latter of which was solved through a filtering of my Quicken records - where would we be without computerized accounting). After much labor and stress, pictures were taken, papers were signed, and a large sign was placed in my front yard, signifying several weeks of living in the fish bowl of a house for sale. If anyone wants a wonderfully charming Arts and Crafts style home in beautiful East Tennessee, drop me a note.

- The only significant break I took from the chore of preparing my home came at 5:30 pm on Saturday when the University of Tennessee took the field for the first time this year against the University of California. To my great surprise, my beloved Vols were easily victorious, destroying the spirit of the Cal Bears by the middle of the 3rd Quarter. I will not go into any further details, as my friend the VolCon has an excellent review of every aspect of the game. Needless to say, I am thoroughly excited about the prospect of the next two weekends of Tennessee football. I will be taking my spot in the stands to cheer on Tennessee as a proud member of the VolNation.

I have several other ideas and thoughts I want to share over the next few days as time permits. I want to discuss the anger and aggressiveness that surrounds the mid-term elections of 2006 and the constant debate of who will control the House and the Senate. I also want to touch on the paradox that is the White House's new position on the "War on Terror" and how that war in some way is supposed to justify, if not mask the failings that continue to plague our strategy in Iraq. The setbacks hindering US forces in Iraq, combined with the territorial losses of NATO in Afghanistan, set forth a foreboding precedent for our global strategy against radical Muslim fundamentalism. I hope to address each of these issues as time permits and I encourage feedback from anyone reading. Until then my friends...


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