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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A new dedication...

Sometimes a series of events brings together a thought that can refocus a man and the things that he believes are important in his life. For me, those events evolved around my friends from the past. I often question my own delinquency in communicating with my friends from high school and college. I wonder if my personal procrastination makes me worse than most in keeping up the ties to my past. Regardless of where I fall on that heirarchy of slackers, yesterday was a reminder of the importance of friendship and value that can come from a little extra effort to touch base every once in a while.

My first wake up call came in the form of an email from my illustrious friend and judge from Knoxville. Though we speak often, I quickly realized that going a few weeks between emails can cause a decent gap in relevant information between friends. My second jolt came as I walked into Subway to meet another friend for a quick lunch. Across the room was an associate from Emory, whose brother was a former housemate and travel partner. We spent a few minutes catching up and I realized how much I had missed in their lives over the past few years. His brother had relocated to Knoxville, just a brief trip from my doorstep, and I had no idea. A brief exchange of business cards and I left hopeful that I might catch up with a good friend in the near future.

My third wake up call came with my lunch meeting. I met a close friend from High School that lives no more than 30 minutes from my office, yet we hadn't gotten together since my first year in college. She is doing well, excelling in her business and teaching a course in college prep work at a local Christian school. She had been ill in the past year, and dealt with many of the obstacles that life throws before us all. As we sat talking, asking about each others family and who we had spoken to from school and such, I was overwhelmed with the sensation that I had been depriving myself of these moments. It was a selfish moment; a moment in which I realized I enjoyed being with my friends, helping with their problems and rejoicing in their successes, and frankly complaining to them about my own life. I need to get back to that mode. I need to reengage.

On a much less philosophical note, my son dove head first into the world of martial arts yesterday with great gusto. He will be going at least once a week to practice and learn and become more disiplined, etc. My only question is this....Is it good to train your child now so that he can then kick your butt later on in life when you need every advantage you can get??